About The CEO

My name is Berny Sarfo I am by country and blood an African (Ghanaian) and by citizenship, Austrian. I Grew up in Austria, Graz and moved to London at the age of 17 with parents.

Austria, beautiful country and to the people they are familiar with, the Austrians are the nicest people ever yet If they don’t know you would usually address you with the “N” word, you could ask why they address you as such but their simply explanation was or is because they don’t know you.

I recall getting involved in countless arguments because I could not understand why someone would ask of my name and no matter how many times, I tell them my name; they would still address me with the N word.

I always got into fights in school because my mother told me to stand up for myself if someone called me the N word. She simply said “beat them up”. Every time I had a fight because of being abused they would send me to the head master office who would further abuse me and call me “Choco banana”

At age 17, I Studied business administration in college then switched to study electrical installation age 19. As at now I am a fully qualified electrical engineer working for the local Authorities Southwark council in London.

My passion for life has always been Music and Soccer and I had the opportunity to play the Euro 2000 in Holland with the Austrian National team under 14. I would say it was such a wonderful time but music had the best of me so much that I remember my time as a lead singer in school, I used to always perform at the end of year with the girls in my classroom dancing in a circle around me and to me, that was my Heaven on Earth.

My first event was 10 years ago at a fancy dress party which was hilarious. The fancy dress part was hilarious because it was my birthday and I used that opportunity to organize a fancy dress party surprisingly, there were so many people and the party was totally sold out as so many different fancy-dress costumes showed up in the building, and there, I knew exactly what I was built for.

After the fancy dress party, I wanted to do more events but didn’t have the tools, and it was sad yet I tried several times but still failed so I gave up.

Eight years later the hunger of organizing events rose bigger and I had to choose between killing my own dreams or making efforts so I deiced to contact THE PM who is an Artist/DJ and told him about my passion for music and organizing events. With my passion and the intrinsic motivation, I had, the PM believed in me and gave me the opportunity and so we went on to organize our first event together Mansion Party.

The Mansion party was a total success to which had so many people and feedbacks were excellent.

After that, it was from one event to another; we went on to do a few more events together in night clubs day party and many more events.

Later on, I realized that most of the people that were coming to our events were mainly The PM’S crowd.



On the 25th of June, I was on the plane to Ghana and I was contemplating on the need to do something different, to start building my own show, in other words, it was time to leave the exiting congregation, to start new relationships.

It was a long 6-hour flight which kept my mind occupied and it was there 30,000 ft high up in the skies I came up with the idea of doing something completely different, a vision to unite Africa through Music entertainment.

Upon my return to the UK, I had a conversation with The PM and told him I wanted to start building my own followers and started to register my new IG Page, (Bizzle Entertainment) and begun to set up my own events.

It was hard sometimes but I had a dream and, in this dream, I would set up an event and at the event, my crowd would be only my wife, 3 of my friends and still mainly just PM’S crowd.

But I had a dream.


Location is everything

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